Solutions Offered
  1. Solar heat for industry needs
  2. Combined Heat & Power systems
  3. Organic Rankine Cycle systems
  4. Solar co-generation systems for fossil based power plants
  5. Solar desalination
  6. Power from photo voltaic systems
  7. Wind power systems
  8. Bio Mass to energy power

Welcome to Helios Partners

Helios Partners is a Bangalore-based solar engineering environmental company engaged in the design, engineering and application of turnkey technology solutions for applying renewable  energy in situations where we can negate, or severely reduce,  the use of fossil fuels, the better to protect our environment. 


We provide solutions involving renewable energy invoking the use of energy sources from the sun, from wind, from bio mass and other forms of renewable energy. 


Parabolic troughs
Conventional Technologies used by most of industrial Solar's Competetors
fresnel Collectors
 Innovative Technology developed at fraunhofer ISE and PSE


Can provide Radiant cooling or Absorbent Chiller System or dehumidification system

A Broad Range of Industrial Applications

Process heating and cooling are essential factors for manufacturing consumer goods and industrial commodities.

Process Heat is the most important form of energy used in industrial processes.  It is commonly applied via heat exchangers from a distribution grid. Steam is the dominant heat carrier in industry (e.g. for food and textiles). Industrial Solar's Fresnel collector can generate saturated or superheated steam directly.  Alternatively, thermal oil or pressurized water can be used as the heat transfer fluids, which are both ideally suited to integrate into solar process heat solutions.

Cooling is the second most critical production factor in industrial processes; such as for storing perishable goods, cooling in production processed and cooling the manufacturing equipment itself.  In addition, cooling is becoming increasingly important for air-conditioning office buildings, shopping malls, hospitals dairies and many other facilities. Solar cooling solutions convert solar thermal energy directly into cooling power by means of thermally driven chillers.

Polygeneration Industrial processes have diverse thermal as well as electric energy requirements.  Comprehensive solar solutions can provide energy in diverse forms and temperatures.  With its high output temperatures, Industrial Solar's Fresnel Collector can power ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) or steam turbines to generate electricity.  The waste heat on a lower temperature level can be directly utilized as process heat or can drive absorption chillers to generate cooling energy.